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When you combine top quality materials with first-class engineering and the passion of our staff, you have a winning combination that is hard to beat. We supply and install Plantation Shutters, Blinds, Awnings and Security Screens for a look that is timeless and elegant and adds value to your home. Stylish, Elegant available in a range of irresistible colours and finishes it is time to transform your windows or doors with our signature Plantation Shutters. In a range of different styles, colours and materials that will blend into your home interior and architecture. Open 7 Days a week. Call 0433 299774. Free Measure and Quote.

Plantation Shutters

Did you know that plantation shutters may increase the value of your home? Not only do they add sophistication and elegance to any room in your home, they provide a number of benefits that can directly affect the value of your home and also save you money. Plantation shutters will be a slightly greater investment than blinds, shades, or simple curtains or drapes, but the benefits are far superior for any homeowner.

Plantation shutters are generally custom fit for each window and that means that provide the perfect coverage. When closed, these shutters provide an extra layer of insulation against the cold as well as the piercing glare of the hot summer sun. Your home heating and cooling bills will decrease as a result.

Plantation shutters are simple to open and close, allowing you to maintain the ideal level of privacy that you require in each room of your home.

There are many colour choices available for the shutters. They make timeless elegance and ageless beauty a permanent member of your home decor. Call 0433 299774. Free Measure and Quote.

White Shutters

At Plantation Shutters Logan, we have an extensive, unique selection of white shutters for you to choose from. The shutters themselves are expressive of a certain style and elegance which can stand out in any room they are installed, and the white shade can add a sense of serenity and calm. Call 0433 299774. Free Measure and Quote.

Window Shutters

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The window shutters are one of the most popular and preferred window treatments that have occupied the imagination and choice of the homemakers and interior decorators from time immemorial. They have also evolved with the changing trends of the decor of the windows but has successfully survived the influx of different trend setters and fashion changes in the domain of home decor. The shutters can be a perfect fit for your windows and can sit comfortably on the frame of the windows. Shutters add an element of timelessness, not to mention aesthetic beauty and incredible functionality. Many people even refer to shutters as furniture for your windows.

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Roller Blinds

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Whether your design style is more traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between we offer beautiful for bespoke roller blinds. We offer a mix of roller blinds that will inspire and complement your home interior design. Our beautiful range of fabrics and colours offers the perfect blend of design choice and light for your room, so we are sure we will have you covered. Our roller blind collection is an exciting mix of fabrics specially selected to complement and coordinate with any room in the home. Whether it is one of our modern designs for your living room, a blackout fabric for the bedroom or a water resistant print for the bathroom, all our roller blinds are individually manufactured to your unique specification.

The fabrics on our Roller Blinds are manufactured to suit Australian conditions.

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Panel Glides

Our range of sliding Panel Glides are the ideal solution for floor to ceiling windows and large openings like patio doors. Made to measure Panel Glides are also perfect when used to partition a room to help create individual zones within open-plan areas. This popular style of blind is available in a choice of many colour ways including calming neutral tones like cream, white and beige to more vibrant brighter colours such as red, blue, green and pink.

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Timber Venetian Blinds

Why not bring a touch of class into your home with our impressive selection of made to measure timber venetian blinds. Venetian blinds offer the perfect window dressing solution for any interior. Wooden Venetian blinds create a warmer feel, aluminium Venetian blinds offer a cleaner, sharper look and PVC or Faux wood are moisture resistant and flame retardant. Wooden blinds are the ideal addition to compliment wood floors and furniture in either a contemporary or traditional setting, or specifically in any type of conservatory. You are able to bring the natural beauty of our real wood venetian blinds indoors and obtain maximum control of lighting levels throughout your home.

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Roman Blinds

Looking for Roman blinds of great quality at affordable prices? Well here at Logan Plantation Shutters we have a fantastic range of Roman blinds for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for roman blinds made from a quality fabric that gives a statement, where the plain fabric will coordinate beautifully with your existing decor or perhaps you want something a little more colourful with deep rich colours. We have a range of beautiful Roman Blinds to suit any decor.

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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Aluminium venetian blinds are a great functional window covering that have been used in homes and offices in Australia for many years. In the home aluminium venetian blinds are used in all rooms in the house. They are very often used as an effective and functional window covering in the bathroom. Aluminium slats are non-porous and corrosion resistant so are suitable for use in high humidity environments and areas where they can be splashed or subject to high levels of condensation. In addition to this aluminium blinds are ideal for the bathroom since, as well as providing privacy at night, they can provide privacy in the daytime without requiring the need for artificial light.

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We also have a large range of Awnings.

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Hello, Im Remo Reginato and Im the owner of Logan Plantation Shutters. I have more then 20 years experience in Shutters, Awnings, Blinds and Security Screens. Im available 7 days or nights a week to arrange a free measure and quote and Im happy to visit your home or office at a time that is suitable to you. I have a range of quality products at a low price. I look forward to doing business with you. Thankyou. Open 7 days a Week. Call 0433 299774. Free Measure and Quote.

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